Need some prayer?

What and why do we Pray?

Prayer is having a conversation with God. It’s all about asking God to meet someone else’s need or your own needs.

It’s also about thanking God for what he is doing and has done.

In Matthew chapter 6 in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus teaches his disciples how they should pray.

So, for Christians, it’s our responsibility to pray for others.

At St Paul’s Ginninderra, we have a group of people who pray confidentially for other people.

This is called the prayer chain.

What is the prayer chain for?

What is the prayer chain for?
The prayer chain is a group of people who have committed themselves to pray on your behalf during times of specific need.

The prayer chain is not for anonymous or generic prayer requests, or to provide advice or counselling.

How do I make use of the Prayer chain?

When calling the prayer chain you will need to provide the following information:

Your name and contact phone number,

The name of the person or persons for whom prayer is being requested including dates and places if that is relevant,

The nature of the prayer request (accident, illnesses, hospitalisation, safe travel in an emergency…),

The outcome sought…(successful surgery, positive news, recovery from, healing for, discernment about, wisdom, peace, encounter with god…).

To place a prayer request on the prayer chain contact Heather below.

If you are unable to make contact with the prayer chain above then call Rev Ken Rampling.

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