Why believe in Jesus?

Why believe in Jesus? Jesus the Christ is unlike any other man who lived!
Jesus Christ was a self-denying person. Rather than set out to conquer people for selfish purposes Jesus denied himself to the uttermost, divested himself from all worldly glory, disdained riches, charged no fee for his services.
He denounced with all the power at his command the corrupt religious practices of his day, the self-seeking and self-righteous who put worldly glory above that of God’s.
Jesus Christ displayed consistent and utter humility. He had a special and particular liking for the underprivileged, the down-trodden. He loved to keep company with the sinners, the outcasts of human society.
There are in the Four Gospels many recorded incidents that make us marvel at the profound tenderness and compassion of Jesus.
Jesus Christ was not just a historic figure. During his ministry, Jesus predicted many times that he would die and be raised to life again.
There were hundreds of eyewitnesses to his resurrection and many of them refused to recant their testimony even at the cost of their lives.
Jesus lives now and is accessible to us now through his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in every believer and helps every believer to understand Jesus’ teaching, trust Jesus’ promises and obey Jesus’ instructions.
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